The Psychosomatic (Mind Body) Origins of Thyroid Disease

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This course will provide you with valuable knowledge. You will receive a crystal clear understanding of the Psychosomatic (Mind Body) origins that relate to the pandemic incidence of thyroid disease. You will save valuable time as I share the fruit of my long journey quickly.

You will learn about the "umbrella," as well as the emotional and spiritual aspects of thyroid disease. By the end of this course, you will know the reasoning behind the epidemic we have today and be able to speak intelligently about why this is occurring.

From buried truths, that seem to be intentionally missing from much of the medical industry (DSM) this course is about resurrecting the way we experience and interpret pain, or disease. We are "treated" today and no longer healed-we have long forgotten the truth and as generations more people become accustomed to the medical industry there are fewer who remember the truth.

I have distilled my journey from the early 1980s as well as the actual experience of thousands of hours with healing- actual experience working this myself with my own clients and self. I will save you that time and bring you the understanding to get this powerful knowledge in a distilled and easy to comprehend format, where you can begin to use it immediately.

This knowledge is not available to the majority of the world where people are "checked" and "treated." The majority of people are offered laboratory tests as standard practice today, we want "evidence." Once the evidence is available we commence "treating" with the predictable drugging, under the guise that these drugs are always medication! Healing is a journey and we all want to heal. More people today are unwell, because we are not truly understanding nor relating the root of all disease-the origins of which are in the mind.

Whether you term this powerful knowledge "psychosomatic," or, you are more fond of "Mind Body," they are interchangeable for all intents and purposes. My beginning course on Mind Body is to give the understanding of this powerful field of knowledge.

This course assumes a basic understanding of psychosomatics, and, is more specific to thyroid issues: thyroiditis, hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism, goiter, nodules, Hashimoto's Disease, and, thyroid cancer but is open to any concern related to our thyroid gland.

I want you to have this powerful knowledge specific to thyroid which is so crucial at this time, and save you the time it took me to gather it from so many sources for over 30 years. For anyone who is a Guide for others; provides care for others as an Empowerment Coach, Life Coach, Wellness Coach, Mind Body Coach, this is crucial and vital information. This is the forefront of actual healing a part of the Journey. In the future, this is our Way of Life to truly understand the actual basis for our 'pain.' Our mind begins to starve certain areas of the body of life when we, close down

Save yourself the time- save your life in the process or the life of someone you love and care about. Long ago we had factual, empirical knowledge that has been hidden and frankly, is no longer accepted in the mainstream world that profits from excessive testing and drugging. Its time we realize the true reason many of us are not well and why so many people end up with the same 'pain.'

My invitation to you, is come along and make your life and your healing a Journey, use your time wisely to gather your own "medicine bag."

This course is for anyone wishing to understand the primary basis for their thyroid imbalance and also for the Practitioner who wishes to bring clarity and guide their clients/patients on their journey.

Course is 2+ hours of content

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I love being a Teacher and sharing with you about wellness and, sustainability; they are my passion in life!

In my personal time I am one who loves to read, study, prepare new foods, and meet awesome people like you!

We all start somewhere! After coaching clients for over three decades, teaching at Whole Foods and other locations for many years, I put together courses, with a lot of value! My aim is to make sure you find more than what you expected in your course!

I have an extensive background as an Plant Based Nutritionist, Herbalist, Massage Therapist, Coach, Yoga Instructor, Mind Body Practitioner, and a Mother! What really makes me smile, is hearing about how good people tell me they feel just by making small changes in their lives that also benefit their children and communities! My courses will show you expert level knowledge in an easy to digest way!

I little bit about me, I am a Mom, former Sr. Paralegal for nearly 18 years, and about 16 years ago I went full time with my coaching! I have a passion for walking, nature, traveling and feeling the fresh air of the outdoors! I truly care about our people and our Mother Earth!

I’m enthusiastic about what I do, and, I present your courses in a very simple, easy to use format.Super positive that for anyone, including those who are quite busy, as you own your courses for life and can return your course again and again to refresh your knowledge.

Partnership ways, food as medicine, Plant Based lifestyles, reversing disease, all are a Way of Life that once learned and shared will greatly enhance all of our lives!

I care!

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