Wheat: The Grain That Is Causing You Pain

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One of the most commonly found ingredients today is wheat. Wheat is just about everywhere and yet many people wait for a proper diagnosis to rid wheat and gluten for their health. Unfortunately, today, the food industry has changed our food source so dramatically, that when we begin to observe more closely, we can see skin issues, itching, bowel problems, scalp itching and a whole host of mood problems - they are all coming from wheat and gluten.

I find myself even referring to wheat, as a drug, and, for good reason, many doctors and mental health professionals have found empirical evidence that substantiates that wheat and gluten free diets will eliminate the need for medications used most commonly in psychiatry.

Large bellies, hormonal difficulties, thyroid imbalances, and most every health concern diminishes and often disappears when you rid yourself of this hybridized and modified food.

Wheat is our 3rd largest cereal grain that is a ingredient in almost every food in the Standard American Diet. Breads, pizzas, cakes, tortillas- most any baked good contains wheat. Upon eating wheat, blood sugar fluctuations, poor mood, and, wheat induced " brain fog" are all common experiences. Wheat, especially gluten, congests your body with mucous, makes the body "starch stiff," and contributes to a host of health problems. Among these are: Mental health issues, skin problems, autoimmune disorders and many other ailments. Removing wheat from your diet will really upgrade your life force energy; your skin will radiate and your moods will be cheerful once again!

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I love being a Teacher and sharing with you about wellness and, sustainability; they are my passion in life!

In my personal time I am one who loves to read, study, prepare new foods, and meet awesome people like you!

We all start somewhere! After coaching clients for over three decades, teaching at Whole Foods and other locations for many years, I put together courses, with a lot of value! My aim is to make sure you find more than what you expected in your course!

I have an extensive background as an Plant Based Nutritionist, Herbalist, Massage Therapist, Coach, Yoga Instructor, Mind Body Practitioner, and a Mother! What really makes me smile, is hearing about how good people tell me they feel just by making small changes in their lives that also benefit their children and communities! My courses will show you expert level knowledge in an easy to digest way!

I little bit about me, I am a Mom, former Sr. Paralegal for nearly 18 years, and about 16 years ago I went full time with my coaching! I have a passion for walking, nature, traveling and feeling the fresh air of the outdoors! I truly care about our people and our Mother Earth!

I’m enthusiastic about what I do, and, I present your courses in a very simple, easy to use format.Super positive that for anyone, including those who are quite busy, as you own your courses for life and can return your course again and again to refresh your knowledge.

Partnership ways, food as medicine, Plant Based lifestyles, reversing disease, all are a Way of Life that once learned and shared will greatly enhance all of our lives!

I care!

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